Know the EnaCast streaming


Make the most with the digital format using our intelligent streaming. Automatic coding according to receiver for higher sound quality, lower delay, advanced statistics, drop alerts, etc. Do you want to know better the characteristics of our streaming? Keep reading!

Real-time information

You will be able to see the number of listeners of your programs in real time, their country of origin, the total and daily listening time, and a history of up to 30 days to get to know their content consumption habits.

Automatic alerts

Our streaming is so stable that it does not crash, however, it incorporates an automatic alert system that will notify both of us in the event of a service drop, blank broadcast or technical failure.

Unlimited statistics history

We offer you a statistics history of your radio without limitation, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


If you already have a website, we offer you the option of incorporating our streaming into it, with a distinctive embed.

Our most basic streaming is also the most complete.

We know that not all radios have the same possibilities or needs, so we offer you the option of just hiring only the streaming service. In our basic plan you will enjoy all the features of our streaming for up to 200 simultaneous listeners, if this peak of listeners is exceeded from time to time, the service will not be cut or limited. Hire now and join the new way of doing radio.
Service down alerts
Over 200 simultaneous listeners
Real-time statistics
Unlimited statistics history
Broadcast on port 80 HTTP / HTTPS
Dual SD/HD broadcast
Mobile unit stream
- included
SSL support
Frontend web
Pre-roll ads
Compatible with Icecast

The price includes all the EnaCast services that you have contracted (streaming or automatic recording of podcasts), and in addition you will benefit from all the new features that will be introduced in the future by our technical team at no cost.

Nothing happens, from EnaCast we will not limit your service.

EnaCast is 100% compatible with ios and android mobile devices.