Discover EnaCast’s automatic podcast recording system.


EnaCast’s automatic podcast recording software is an essential tool to optimize radio’s resources. Automatically record, host, publish and share all your shows, without even lift a finger. With EnaCast, your radio contents will be available forever, and your listeners will be able to listen to them whenever and wherever they want.

In addition, when you hire EnaCast you will also acquire the best streaming on the market, as well as services that will help you grow your radio, such as EnaCast’s customizable website and tools to get to know your audience.

Those are some of its features:

Automatic podcasting

The programs are recorded, stored and published automatically and instantaneously, without human intervention.

Set up once

Enter the virtual grid of your radio with its programs and schedules just once, EnaCast will do the rest.

Introduce marks

Create a direct link to a moment of the program, share news, etc.

Customisable web

With EnaCast you will not only enjoy a quality streaming and an automatic podcast recording system, but you will also have a self-manageable web system accessible from any device.

The one and only automatic podcast recording system in your hands.

With EnaCast your content will be available forever. Ask for your custom plan all included (Streaming + Automatic Podcasting + Customizable Web) and join the new way of doing radio.
Unlimited storage
Control panel set up
Audio marks
Podcast available from minute 0
APIS to share

The price includes all the EnaCast services that you have contracted (streaming and automatic recording podcasts system), and in addition, you will benefit from all the new features that will be introduced by our technical team in the future, at no cost.

Your radio files will be stored in EnaCast’s powerful server structure, which has several layers of security (backups) to ensure access to them at all times.

Podcasts are recorded and published in mp3 fully automatically. You program the day, time and duration of the program in the control panel and the podcast will appear automatically on your website at the beginning of each program, each time it is broadcast (daily, weekly, etc.). This is the magic of EnaCast.

Podcasts are and will always be your property. If at some point you decide to leave EnaCast, we will give you access to all your mp3 files so you can manage them as you please.

You will always have our support, so our technical team will configure the service with your supervision and will teach you how to take advantage of all the features of EnaCast.

Yes, the system has a module that allows you to publish news segmented by subject, and organize them by date. Also you will have the option of adding images, videos or audio files.

Yes, your domain or subdomain will be the URL to the service for your followers.

EnaCast is 100% compatible with ios and android mobile devices.